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Would YOU Like to create an MLM for Your Product or Service?

An estimated 1,000 to 1,500 people attempt to start an MLM Business every month. Most fail for simple reasons.

I have an awesome product, but MLM requires I invest a huge amount in Software and Website system to run it.

Wait… I can find a starter system or script, get started cheap, yes, I can do that.

  • Distributors don’t care if my software system is solid and has features
  • Distributors will join because of my product
  • Distributors want a get-rich-quick comp plan, I can design that
  • I Have a LEADER from another MLM with 50,000 people, he wants to bring over
  • MLM Software for $500, that should do it

Unfortunately, those are some of the common pitfalls of start ups. It get’s worse, much worse.



img_7We will review and consider your project, for a potential MLM Start Up, according to Key Factors.

You don’t need all these items. They are simply points, or key areas which should be shared, if they exist.

  • Real and Tangible Product(s)
  • Products in Inventory
  • Product Supply Chain
  • Real Services
  • Services Supply Chain
  • Your Marketing Experience
  • Your Business Management Experience
  • Your Mission Statement
  • Your Marketing Plan
  • Your Business Plan
  • Your Compensation Plan
  • Your Team/Staff
  • Expectations and Goals for 6mo, 1yr, 2yr, 5yr
  • Current Financial Resources
  • Current Budget or Plans for Financial Resources


Our Role

img_4Money, Money, Money!!!

Yes, our world and business requires Money. Hence, the reason for expanding product sales to MLM… more sales equal more Money.

We do not outright offer Money as most start ups are unproven ideas of a business venture. Even if a product has been successful before, your marketing, management, and decisions within an MLM are unproven.

If chosen, we may offer to back particular resources for your venture.

Those resources may include:

  • Product or Manufacturing Supply
  • Advertising and Marketing Budgets and Channels
  • Video or Marketing Material Development
  • Compensation Model Development
  • Full, Corporate-Enterprise MLM Software
  • Experienced Industry Consultant
  • Executive MLM Management Services


The End Goal


At the end of the day, it’s all about Product/Service Sales to People, through a properly built and managed company, and it’s sales reps.

If properly build, managed and marketed, reasonable commissions or profits may be obtained, for years to come.

It is also worthy to point out, that no guarantees of success or income exist in life, or in business.



No Guarantee of Acceptance or particular income is offered or implied.

We cannot guarantee that your project will be accepted for our services.

We cannot guarantee that your requested services will be offered.

We cannot guarantee that you will make money in your venture.

In instances where a spreadsheet is used to develop a compensation plan, no guarantee of earnings are offered or implied.

Success and the success of those you involve are completely dependent on individual efforts and/or talents.



We will not be held liabile for any losses endured on your behalf.

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